About us

supposedly this is where we tell you all about the big, game-changing business experience we have. The where we've been and what we've done stuff. You know, all the companies we've been a part of and how many decades of experience we have.

We could, but we'd rather tell you what we're about instead. 


What mold did we break to form Backcountry Denim Co.? What got us from where we were to where we are?

Well, when I was six years old, my dad took me to the REI in Berkeley, on a hunt for all the gear I'd need to survive my first two weeks in the wilderness. We got topo maps and all that gear, and headed out to the High Sierras. 34 years ago and that's still the most memorable trip of my life. I remember my dad telling me about the CCC and Franklin Roosevelt and how the very trails we were hiking were because of those volunteers. Those lands were protected because they were public land. That land was our land. 

Every year after that, we'd journey for a week or two at a time, covering most of the major trails and a lot of the obscure ones throughout those California ranges. Connecting to nature and protecting it is what I was raised on, it's part of my DNA -- it's become the map of my bones.

For me, I've always dreamed about doing something as forever impactful as the CCC and the presidents who protected our lands, making them national monuments and parks. I know that's why I got into the outdoor industry years ago. It was a way for me to get in on the inside, to make sure the gear we use was actually protecting the lands we love. 

It turns out, I had to create my own company to really do that. 

Backcountry Denim is, basically, that 1970's outdoor industry startup. We couldn't find what we needed, so we had to make the gear we couldn't find a better option for. But, really, Backcountry Denim is a way for us to really benefit the management of our public lands, protecting them by getting our hands dirty and inspiring others to do the same.

Years ago, we didn't know that our collective decades of experience as on the ground activists, working all the jobs for all the most iconic outdoor brands in the world, eventually landing us as leaders of the biggest denim brands in the world, would get us here. 

Looking back, we realize it took exactly all those years and all those experiences to get us to exactly the point we are right now.

We aren't just another company coming in at the right time with a brand proposition.

This is our life, love and passion.

BDCo is an extension of who we are and who we want to become. All of you, the ones we haven't met yet. We want you to know that, even though we won't always know exactly what we're doing, we can sure as hell tell you why we're doing it. 

Thank you so much for coming along. We really mean it when we say, please stay in touch --  we'd love to meet you and share the trail. 

- Backcountry Denim Co.