When what you need isn't there, sometimes you have to go make it for yourself.

That's how the outdoor industry got started back in the '70s and that's what happened here. When we looked for denim that could take us from the outdoors to the city, we couldn't find anything. There were technical denim options, overbuilt and unattractive, not really ready to jump from the mountain to a meeting. 

function and fit are equally important

BDCo denim is meant to last. It's built for abuse and it'll break in overtime. They're your favorite pants until you really do wear them out and you get another pair. They're designed to last two and a half times longer than the best denim out there and a lot of that has to do with our Dyneema® technology but it also has to do with working with the oldest mill in the USA, Cone Denim's White Oak™ mill.


Durability is first but so is fit. Trends? Not so much. We have three versions of the classic straight leg. It's perfect, clean and right. So don't mess with it.  

Slim - a little more snug with a modern seat and thigh  

Classic - slightly relaxed thigh and seat  

Athletic - more room in the seat and thigh for those of you with larger glutes and quad [the kind that come from biking, skiing and the other kind of genes] 


Freedom is key. Having the mobility to make that heel hold, swing your leg over your bike, scramble on a boulder, or just really get comfortable, movement is everything. Along with durability and fit, mobility is number one in both our rigid and stretch denim. That means that no matter what fit you go for -- slim, classic or athletic -- you can pick rigid or stretch depending on the mobility you're looking for.

We're engineered for movement. With our rigid denim, you won't feel compression throwing your leg over the top tube, you won't get restricted stepping up high on a rock face. If you need more, that's where our stretch denim comes in. Breaking in with less effort, it has just enough stretch to achieve maximum movement without losing quality, structure, or the true feel of premium denim. Yes, you can do yoga or fully lay out for that heel hook in these jeans. 


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