OUr fabrics are engineered and tested to stand up to your adventurous abuse

It's truly the best denim, made with premium aesthetic and unmatched performance.


WHAT WE produce

not run of the mill

Cone White Oak Mills™ has produced USA denim since 1905. They were the first, and now the longest, standing mill in the US and that CONE™ label means you're getting the best, most iconic denim in the world. 


Strongest fiber on the planet

BDCO Dyneema roll.jpg

Dyneema® is the strongest fiber on the planet. 15 times stronger than steel cable, we weave our denim with just enough dyneema to give you maximum durability while still maintaining the look, feel and shape of premium denim.

Lightweight, oil resistant and non-corrosive, our dyneema technology makes your denim 250% more resistant to abrasions and tears. Meaning your pants will last about 2.5 times longer than whatever you've got on now. 


made in the usa

All of our jeans are made in the USA. And we don't just stitch them here, we source all our fabrics and hardware domestically. Sourcing local lessens our footprint, supports our local economy and gives us the hands on accessibility we need as craftsmen.