We keep our designs simple and functional, crafting each item with purpose. 

There aren't a lot of bells and whistles on our jeans -- unlike a lot of the outdoor denim on the market -- but every single feature we include is important. They might be subtle, but they make all the difference. For us, we decided to take a more utilitarian approach, incorporating the extras we felt made sense. 

Mobility Gusset: Our jeans are engineered to move with you, not against you. With a hidden gusset in the crotch, you get that extra movement, plus reinforcement in the exact spot where most jeans fail first. This took some particular problem solving in the math, craftsmanship and design, making sure the interplay of the gusset, leg, seat and pockets was able to give you the mobility and fit you need. 

Reverse Curve Pocket: Sometimes referred to as the "Western Curve," that stretched out S-shape isn't just there for looks. When you slide your hand into the lip of this pocket, the S-feature actually starts to move away from your body, providing a much easier entry for digging out your keys. When seated, it works the same -- meaning you don't have to stand up to get into your front pockets when you're wearing your BDCo jeans. Plus, it looks great.

The 6th Pocket: Just big enough for a billfold, large smartphone or whatever else you want easier access to, while keeping it separate from your other pockets. Stopping just short of the bottom of the main pocket bag, it's easy access for that "need a photo" moment.

Double Reinforced Back Pockets: Most jeans use a single layer of denim for the back pocket, since we know that's another of the first spots jeans fail (that hole right by the corner of your wallet), we decided to fix it. That's why our pack pockets are one piece of denim, doubled over before being cut. One pocket, two times the protection.