we don't sand them down, stone wash them, or make YOUR JEANS look anything but new.


Our jeans are like your favorite boots, they take a few wears but that's what makes them perfect.

Wear them everyday, do whatever your life does -- hike, dinner with friends, Monday meetings -- we promise they just keep getting better with time. 


Eventually, you'll get a beautiful fade and bend in the knee just where your body wants it. You can be proud of how they look and the feel they have. After all, you put the miles in it took to get there. 


Before and After 382 days: 

We wore these jeans every single day. They went on the trail, scaled rock faces, got down in the garden, cut wood, built shelves, and got varnish on them while finishing our retail displays. We think they look all the better for it and we know they have a whole lot of life left in them.

We promise you BDCo denim will last years longer than whatever you've been wearing. If anything ever goes wrong, we're here to get them taken care of and right back to you so you never have to be without your favorite jeans.