We've spent our lives OUTDOORS.

adventuring the wilderness of mountains, seas and gritty urban streets. we've put in the hours and trekked the miles to know when to tread lightly and when to charge hard.


Our Mission

We will follow our True North, always asking ourselves why, not being afraid of working hard. We pay attention to our lives, watching nature as much as we watch each other. We know there's just as much to learn over that next pitch as there is making coffee with family and friends. No matter what, nature makes all of it better.

We leave everything better than how we found it. Nature, friendships, life -- all of it.

We craft products that are an extension of our ethos. We believe in living with purpose, being present and showing up. We don't make things just to make them. If it doesn't deserve all of our attention, we're better off without it. We want to build things that make your adventure -- your life -- better for it. 

Above all, we are unwavering in our commitment to the access, protection and improvement of our wild lands, public lands and outdoor spaces. These are our playgrounds. They help us remember what's important and they need stewards like us.


To bring back deforested areas, we plant native species. We remove invasive species, trash and waste. We improve our trail systems through maintenance and creating opportunities of access. 

Every item you purchase from Backcountry Denim Co. is a symbol of your dedication to these efforts.

Live the adventure.

There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot
— Aldo Leopold


  • Live with purpose and attention. Have fun along the way.
  • Pay attention to the result, good or bad. 
  • Function + Form. Design for simplicity and utility.
  • Follow your True North. It might be longer and harder, but the good things tend to be. 
  • Be the one to fix the door. Take action when you can, don't wait for another.
  • Be available to others with undivided attention.
  • Listen and learn. Everyone's a teacher. 
  • Return to nature daily. 
  • Don't sweat the small stuff.