We build great products for the outdoorS and city lifestyle, but our real purpose is to protect and improve our public wilderness lands.



Plant, remove, improve. 

Everywhere we go -- from showcases to epic expeditions -- we always stop off to check in on that area's public lands. We PLANT native species where they need them most; we REMOVE invasive species, garbage and waste responsibly; and we IMPROVE existing trails, forging new access where needed.


Maintaining public land is our responsibility because, if not us, then who?

These rolling hills, these wide prairies, these deep and wild canyons, they're ours.

Education is key. Access is essential. Action is everything. 





Life is an adventure and we want to hear your stories. Backcountry Denim is all about the people you meet on the trail and the good work you do. We bring our philosophy of PLANT - REMOVE - IMPROVE into everything we do and every part of our day.